Road safety

road close upWe are working to make Staunton’s roads safer.

Staunton Parish Council in partnership with Staunton Action Force to Enhance Our Roads (SAFER) are working to improve road safety through village. SAFER are a group of volunteers formed to look at issues concerned with the A4136.

The Parish Council and SAFER have developed an agreed a Road Safety Strategy for Staunton and work is underway to deliver its actions.

The Strategy identifies a number of actions that could help to slow vehicle speeds through the village. These include:

  • Introduction of Vehicle Activated Signage (VAS)
  • A permanent pedestrian crossing across the A4136
  • Planting at the gateways to the village
  • Working with the police to increase speed enforcement through the village
  • Working with businesses to reduce heavy goods vehicle traffic along the A4136

Read the Road Safety Strategy

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