Planning applications

This page lists planning applications which have not yet been determined.

To view the application papers click on the “Pxxxx/xx/XXX” link, in red, below.

FODDC ref P0335/21/TPO

Location: 4 Staunton House, Staunton

Proposal: Copper Beech – thin crown by up to 25%.  Remove two lower branches showing signs of decay, one on east side of tree, one on south-west side.  Two branches on north side of tree fare crossing/rubbing, to be dealt with when pruning the crown. 

Parish Council response: SP1702417


FODDC ref P1151/20/FUL

Location: Staunton: Bartidges Barn

Proposal:  Change of use of traditional barn to self-contained holiday accommodation and block barn to rural skills workshop.

Parish Council response: No objection to use as holiday accommodation but request a condition to prohibit obtrusive external lighting.  Objection to rural skills workshop on the grounds of excessive traffic volume on narrow access roads.

FODDC ref P1894/20/FUL

Location: Staunton: land adj to the Elms

Proposal:  Erection of 4 terraced dwellings & associated works. Demolition of existing redundant building

Parish Council response: SP1702401

Parish Council further response following revised plans: SP1702405