Planning applications

This page lists recent planning applications.

To view the application papers click on the “Pxxxx/xx/XXX” link, in red, below.

The application to the Planning Inspectorate for permanence of the work on the Meend is on the “Staunton Meend” page.

Ref Location (Staunton unless otherwise stated) Proposal Parish Council response (summary) Decision
P1315/21/FUL Woodland View Multi stem Ash at rear of barns pollard to 3′.  Leaning Ash limb at far end of barn pollard to 10′. Multi stem Sycamore at rear right of house pollard to 5′.   No response (Parish Council is the applicant) Not yet determined 
P1894/20/FUL Land adjacent to The Elms Erection of 4 terraced dwellings & associated works.  Demolition of existing redundant building No objection but with a few concerns detailed in the full response. Permitted 21/5/21 – 17 conditions
P1151/20/FUL Bartridges Barn Change of use of traditional barn to self-contained holiday accommodation and block barn to rural skills workshop. No objection to use as holiday accommodation but request a condition to prohibit obtrusive external lighting.  Objection to rural skills workshop on the grounds of excessive traffic volume on narrow access roads. Permitted 25/5/21 – 9 conditions
P1053/21/FUL  White Horse Inn Variation of conditions 02 (approved plans), 06 (boundary treatments), 08 (parking layout) and 09 (parking layout) relating to planning permission P1874/14/FUL to allow relocation of parking spaces. Welcome the increased number of parking spaces but query whether the width of the spaces is adequate, and the apparent lack of disabled parking. Serious concerns remain re overflow on-street parking blocking the lane,  thus preventing access by large agricultural and emergency vehicles Not yet determined