Parish Council Clerk

The Parish Council Clerk Clare Davies has left.  The Parish Council  has appointed Richard Crighton as Locum Clerk for an initial period until 31 March 2021.

Richard is Clerk to Newland Parish Council (since 2004) and has acted as locum to St Briavels Parish Council, Dursley Town Council and Tewkesbury Town Council over recent years.  He was permanent Clerk to Staunton previously (around 2003-5).

Wild Boar on the Meend


There has been a marked increase in wild boar sightings and signs of their activity on the Common this year.

They are wild animals.  We are presently locating and endeavouring to secure the places where they have broken through from surrounding woodland, but please take extra care, especially when you are out walking your dogs.

  • Stay on the open tracks and pathways.
  • Do not let your dogs run off into the bracken where they could disturb any boar that may be lying up there.
  • Keep the boundary gates shut at all times.
  • Never attempt to feed them, or leave food out for them.

If you encounter a boar, follow this advice from Forestry England

  • Do not approach them.  Go back the way you came or go around them, giving them a wide berth.
  • Put your dog on a lead as soon as you see one or they may get scared and react.
  • Keep to a safe distance particularly if your dog chases or does not respond to calls immediately.


Reporting pot holes just got easier

Now by going to our Report It page you can report all sorts of issues to the right organisation. You can report problems relating to roads (including pot holes and broken lighting) and public rights of way as well as dog fouling, fly tipping and graffiti. You can also quickly see if some else has already reported the problem.